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This page exists to showcase some of the technologies I have experience with in my home lab environment.

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In May of 2019 I graduated from The University of Akron with a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) in Computer Information Systems.

In December of 2016 I graduated from Stark State College with an Associates of Science (A.S.) in Computer Networking and Security Administraion.

Home Lab Experience


Installed wireless and PoE security cameras throughout my home.

Hosting this site, along with other various subdomains.

Creating automated and long-term backups of photos, configuration, and small business files.


Main Server:

Dual Xeon X5690
36TB+ Storage

Secondary Server:

Dual Xeon L6540
16GB of RAM
1TB Storage

Operating Systems

Debian/Ubuntu Containers
Windows Server 2016

Hosted Applications

Apache2 Apache2 is used to host this site in an Ubuntu container on my main server.

Blue Iris Blue Iris is the current NVR solution deployed for my house. I have 8 camera's recording to 6TB of rolling storage. It is hosted on a Windows virtual machine on my main server.

Docuwiki I use Docuwiki to take notes of my configuration of other services I use. I record all the important settings I find during setup for future use in troubleshooting.

MineOS MineOS is a web based Minecraft server hosting platform running on a Debian container.

NAS (Samba/NFS) All of my containers, virtal machines, and computers interface to an Ubuntu container running Samba. This allows for an easy NAS solution that works accross all operation systems.

Nextcloud I use Nextcloud to backup pictures from phones and offsite computers automatically. The apps available allow for my family and businesses I support to securely backup to my server remotely.

Nginx Nginx is used as a reverse proxy for all incoming web traffic. It allows for one public IP address to be used for multiple subdomains and provides SSL encryption.

Observium Observium is a network monitoring tool used to track performace and alert me to issues with server hardware.

OctoPrint OctoPrint runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero, and allows for managing 3D prints on my Ender 3.

OpenVPN OpenVPN is used on pfsense to host a site to site VPN with 2 oother locations to allow automatic offsite backups.

Pi-Hole Pi-Hole is a DNS based network wide ad blocker.

Plex Plex is a media hosting platform for managing and watching video content.

Transmission Transmission is a torrent client.

Unifi Controller The Ubiquiti Unifi Controller allows management of multiple Unifi WAPs in one portal.

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